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Year 2017 : Its Game Time Now

Before moving further on this post about our upcoming plans and updates, we would like to say thanks to all those people who believed in us and become the part of mShipper. It was the year of our foundation and we did extremely well. We conceived, we build and the executed the same with lots of appraisal from the people around. We built relationship, we offered our trial services, Yes! we understand that we did not do superbly well, but we tried to do so. We would like to be sorry cartier double bracelet
for all those our merchant partners who had to deal cartier mens bracelet uk
with some issues during our warm-up course.  Believe us this year we are more matured in our thought processes, execution level and understanding of your specific issues.

So here comes what we are planning for the Year.

Focus 1 : L2L (Z2Z): We would be much more focused on Location to Location (Zone to Zone within city) delivery services for optimum execution, faster and economical deliveries on time. Ohh.. So it seems we are again doing some kind of pilot test… Yes you thought it right. As we said, we are more focused and matured in the process, hence we want to test the details first and then move further.

Based on this L2L approach, we know we will be having lesser volumes to deliver, still we will be in much more stronger position with greater efficiency in what we do. We will be expanding our services to different locations/zones after piloting this to first two zones.

Focus 2: LogHold : Hope you could recall “LogHold“, a service initiative by us to minimise RTO (Return to Origin) deliveries enabling merchants to save more on unnecessary packaging cost, two to three times delivery charges and opportunity cost. The LogHold will now be available in all the zones, starting from first 2 zones. Ahaa ! Forgot to tell you, the merchants don’t have to pay initially for this as long as its really required.

Focus 3: Inviting Carpoolers/Car-Owners on our platform: We always thought and imagined everyone as Frank Martin of Transporter from the very beginning. We missed you guys (Carwaalon). But this time we will not repeat our mistakes. Hence we are inviting you all to be the part of mShipper. Registrations will open shortly.

Focus 4: Above All Being Faster & Economical Better then Ever Before:  We always strive to come cartier love bracelet replica up with cool tech logics to make your shipping/delivery cost economical with unmatched delivery timings. So we are reviving ourselves more. We may hike our prices a bit, still it will suit your pocket as compared to other service providers.

There is lot more on the way. So keep working, keeping cheering up ! We were with you, We are with You and will always be there with you.

Thanks for your read. Happy New Year 2017… #GameTimeOn