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World Ducati Week likely To Witness Two Amazing Ducati Bikes

World Ducati Week 2016
News is airing about the giants in the field of Italian motorcycles manufacturing, the Ducati, that they will be showcasing their two upcoming bikes during this 2016 World Ducati Week scheduled in July (1st to 3rd) in Italy at Milano circuit . This World Ducati Week is envisaged as the 9th edition of the bike festival elongated for weekend. There will be parties, bike racing, concerts and much more exciting activities taking place in this fest.

Reportedly, out of these two bikes, that will actually be the Ducati’s 2017 editions, one will be exhibited in a very special manner, the way the Ducati’s Scrambler was displayed two years back. While the other is alleged to be produced and be available to customers in limited quantity only, once launched. It has been claimed to be maneuvered as an effort to venerate company’s 90th Anniversary. This trick is also being seen as company’s effort to impart a sense of exclusivity to its loyal clientele.

No detail has been revealed by the company regarding the features or specifications replica cartier of any of these models. It has been kept as a cat inside the box which will be let out only once it is in the show, the World Ducati Week 2016.

World Ducati Week-2016
There is a buzz around one of the vehicle that it would be a larger replica cartier love bracelet version of the company’s earlier model, the Scrambler. It could flaunt a displacement engine of 1000cc. And about that Ducati’s anniversary gift bike, nothing can be estimated regarding any of its features.

The festival will be a hub of many great events. Besides cartier love necklace being able to enjoy test drives of Ducati’s upcoming XDiavel, one can have heart in witnessing Dragster race, various stunt shows, Heritage Contest, and many more other events. Not just this one would be fortunate enough to even view World champions in bike racing too. To name few, there will be Dovizioso, Valia, Mercado, Xaus, Bayliss among others. They will be seen riding the latest cartier mens bracelet uk
Scrambler Flat Track Pro.