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Harley-Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle To Make Its Debut Soon

Confirmed by Harley-Davidson’s senior VP, Sean Cummings, the news of forthcoming Harley Davidson’s futuristic electric bike is making the brand’s fan following go crazy. The company’s vice president has made an avowal of the firm working strenuously over the production of speculative electric motorcycle. He, although, affirmed that Harley lovers would have to wait for approximately 5 another years to have a wonderful experience with this innovative idea.

The iconic American bike manufacturers, Harley Davidson, a couple of years back, seeking help from the old Mission Motors, came up with the concept of LiveWire electric bike that stunned the Harley admirers. However, the initiative to transform the concept into reality was kept on hold, until its all-time rival, the Victory Motorcycles, prompted Harley to rethink. The Victory Motorcycles with their decision of acquiring Brammo’s business of electric bikes and then verifying their beginning towards working over an electric motorcycle project baffled harley. It was the time when Harley thought of reviving their concept once again and putting efforts to bring the physical version of their idea into limelight.

Once launched, the LiveWire bike concept by the Harley-Davidson received due appreciation. Its abilities were acknowledged globally but where this American bike manufacturer failed was the costing part of the Live Wire bike. To spend 50 thousand dollars, amounting to be around 33.4 lacs, over the bike with a low battery range of just 80Km seemed not so feasible for Harley followers.

And now is the time for clock to move faster. With as many as five years in Harley’s pocket to dazzle the world with the launch of their electric motorcycle, the firm is expected to keep the pricing of this new bike affordable with no compromising on the part of its range, it has to be great nonetheless.

As for Harley lovers, it will be interesting to see in future how much they welcome this new electrically powered bike. Supposedly, this electric bike will displace many prevalent bikes off the roads, just like other previous launches of Harley did.