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Ducati Not for Sale, Tells Volkswagen

Ducati Not for Sale
Following a long period of chitchat cartier replica and speculations that have been rounding lately, CEO of Audi, Mr. Rupert Stadler has finally confirmed that the esteemed Italian motorcycle brand Ducati is going to stay with Volkswagen group and is not going to be sold anytime soon. There were rumours doing the rounds in the market as well from some time stating that the German car giant might be gearing up to sell Ducati motors soon. Previously in March this year it was stated by the Audi CEO that Lamborghini and Ducati both belong to Ducati and together they both have a great future.

Volkswagen group was affected negatively by the diesel emission scandal and was devastated by its impact. The money lost in rectifying this mistake of Volkswagen group was supposed to be recovered by sale of Ducati Motors. Volkswagen group needed over 16 billion Euros to rectify this mistake. But when questioned about the same, Audi’s CEO and board of members cartier bracelet of Volkswagen group told the international media that “Ducati is not for sale”.

Soothing the dream desire of former Chairman Ferdinand Piech, Ducati motors was acquired by Volkswagen 4 years back right during the year 2012, for as much as 860 million of euros in order to revive the two wheeler cartier mens bracelet uk
brand, maintaining Audi as the crucial most link between them.  After which Volkswagen made handsome cartier bracelets investments into the Italian bike manufacturers Ducati to reinstate it back in the business.

This Italy born master, Ducati has successfully been producing great art pieces since 1926. And this time when it will be the company’s 90th anniversary, a call for a grand celebration can be expected. Ever since Ducati’s collaboration with Audi, it has always had a good run.

It has been observed that Ducati as a brand enjoyed huge success in 2015 which is estimated to be its best year so far as far as its sales were concerned. The year saw over 54,800 motorcycles rolling down streets worldwide. The Ducati Scrambler alone sold 16000 units across the world making it an enormous success.